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By: Shannah Warshavsky 

We had the privilege of hearing from Maya, from the organization Yad L’Achim. She shared with us her journey of how she escaped from a harsh life in an Arab community to eventually embrace Judaism and live a Torah life. We were shocked and saddened to hear the trials she had endured, and inspired by her strength and resilience. She left us with the message to never let obstacles in life stop us, and to choose to live the best life that we can. Thank you for speaking to us!



By: Bailey Spolter

“Be true to your values” was a key lesson that Judge Ruchie Freier shared with us on Wednesday. We were fortunate to hear words of wisdom and inspiration from this respected and inspirational Chassidic Judge. Judge Freier shared her amazing journey that began at the age of 30, when as a mother of 3, she decided to pursue a college degree.  This was then followed by law school and eventually led to her current profession as a judge. She told us that along the way, there were many obstacles, but one thing that she never wavered on was her commitment to Yidishkeit, her family, and her value system.  She is a true description of an Eishes Chayil, and a role model for all Hadar students.

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