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G.O President:
Maytal Raden

Ayelet Schochet

Rachel Attias

Miri Eisenberg

Penina Horowitz
Class Reps:
12th - Hanna Bluth
11th - Yael Kanoff
10th - Eliora Cohen
9th - Aby Tangir 

So happy you stopped by ;) 
When people ask me what my hobbies or passions are I say HADAR (in all caps). School has always been my comfort and happy place and I'm so lucky to have this opportunity and to be able to give back this year to a school that has given me so much!! I look forward to building a close relationship with every girl and faculty member in this school. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to stop me in the hall or shoot me a text I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. As your G.O President I am looking to create a warm and friendly environment and I hope we can work together to make this year as aMAYzing as possible. 

Hey!! It’s Ayelet and I’m so excited to be VP of Chessed!!! How good do you feel when you do chessed? Amazing! Not only are you giving others, but you’re really giving to yourself. I have tons of ideas planned for this year including learning about organizations and fundraising for them, drives, yachad programs, making shabbos packages, and a Chessed day!  I’m so ready to turn the ideas into memories!! Can’t wait to enhance our chessed and help others!!

Hi! I’m Miri Eisenberg and I can’t wait to be your Vice President of Programming this year. Programming is all about creating memories that will last a life time. My goal for Programming is to plan Rosh Chodesh events and Trips like never before and have the best time doing it! This year is going to be epic and I’m so excited to build stronger relationships and have an awesome time together!

Hi! I’m Rachel Attias and  I am so excited to be you VP of HIPAC this year. HIPAC is all about Israel! Our main goal is to teach you all about Israel, it’s culture and it’s politics. This committee is dedicated to advocate for Israel and help support Israel from afar in any way we can. My goal for HIPAC is to expand your knowledge through fun programs, inspirational speakers, and amazing club meetings throughout the year. This year is going to be great and I cant wait to build a stronger connection to Israel together!

Hi Everyone!! It’s Penina and I’m so excited to be the VP of GEM this year! GEM stands for Growing Each Month, and each month we’re going to focus on a different middah that has to do with the overall theme of the year. This year’s theme is (drumroll please ;) GIVING! Which is a great way to connect to each other, to Hashem, and to ourselves. The opportunities to give are everywhere and together as a school, and as the Hadar family we’ll be able to find new opportunities to give - ones that we’ve never thought of before! There are going to be so many new programs instituted to ensure that this year is full of GROWTH, MEANING, and INSPIRATION. I hope that with all of the special programs, the GEM committee will be able to GIVE each of you the best year yet! Together we will 
IY”H not only grow each month, but Grow Every Moment!

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