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Ahuva Plotsker


In this week's parsha we learn about many different laws of war. One law that stands out to me as particularly special, is the law that when taking over a country through battle, fruit bearing trees may not be cut down. The fruit can be eaten but the trees must remain. This seems like an odd law to be specifically stated in the Torah; it doesn’t seem that important. The Torah says “for man is the tree of the field” hinting that all of mankind has roots and roots of all kinds are important. We are all one family and our family tree goes back very far so to cut down something like that would be devastating. Therefore Hashem orders us not to cut down those fruit trees.

One major thing I learned while being at Hadar is that Hadar is one big family. Now that the first graduating class has left the physical building, we want everyone to know that we are so happy our Hadar family tree is strong and growing. It will never be cut down, even if our branches have spread out a bit. So just like we learn from this Parsha, you too should take fruit from those trees. If you need anything we are here for you. We have so much “fruitful” advice to give. So to all the new “pri eitz HADAR” welcome! We miss everyone so much and we hope that you have an amazing start to your year at HADAR where your Hopes And Dreams Are Realized!!!


Emma Freiden


HEYYY GIRLIESS! Let me start off with saying WHO IS READY FOR ONE INCREDIBLE YEAR!!! It was sad to say goodbye to my Hadar family but you haven’t gotten rid of me just yet;) I wanted to share with you all a lesson Hadar has taught me that genuinely impacted my life (maybe one that could impact yours as well!) If you look around, you’ll see dreams... yes, I said dreams. Within each of you a dream, a goal, an aspiration is just waiting to be  pursued. Tip of  advice: go for it and don’t look back! What Hadar has taught me is that you CAN reach goals far beyond your imagination. Whether it’s academically, socially, or spiritually, it’s all about that first leap of faith. There may be bumps along the way, but with amazing teachers, Rabbanim, friends and most importantly HaShem, the path will lead to success. So remember to dream big because nothing is impossible!

Ayelet Raden


Some advice for the start of the year: reach out to girls in other grades, your teachers, and classmates. And most importantly, welcome to the Hadar family!!

Leora Goldberg


Hi!! Welcome to a new year at Hadar!!!  I am going to leave you with the top ten things I wish someone told me as I was experiencing High School. 

  1. Put yourself out there. The beginning of the year is hard whether you're new to the school or just having a hard difficult time transitioning back to school. The best person to help you is yourself. Really try to be friendly and out there because everyone is in the same situation as you and just wants to be your friend. The Hadar family is waiting to greet you and you are so lucky to have the ability to become best friends with girls from other grades. 

  2. Raise your hand!! The teachers love if you have any questions, comments, or anything to say. No one cares if you don’t get the answer right they will just be impressed that you were willing to raise your hand and volunteer. 

  3. Test yourself. You never know if you can really take honors or try an AP and are just holding yourself back. Don’t be scared to push yourself because if it’s too hard, it is so easy to move a level and you will at least be proud of yourself that you tried. 

  4. The Schochet’s and Mrs. Bendel’s offices are always open. If you have anything you want to talk about, they are always willing and excited to help you with whatever you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them or knock on their doors. 

  5. School is not a fashion show. Do not feel pressured to dress up. Be comfortable because that is all that matters in a long day at school and honestly no one is really looking at what you’re wearing anyway. 

  6. Be a part of as much as you can. Whether a club is asking for new members, there is a learning program out of school or you have the chance to run for G.O, it is so important to put yourself out there and try. These are the things you’ll remember out of your high school experience so try to take part in everything!!

  7. I remember in 9th grade the hardest thing for me to get used to was the long school day. I wish I had someone to tell me that I would get used to it because you really really will. You’ll forget you even ever had recess and take advantage of the long lunch you have instead :)

  8. It really does speed by- take advantage of the time you have because when you are a senior you will actually turn around and wonder where all the time went. Don’t hesitate to show up to everything because at the end you will wish there was more.

  9. HAVE FUN!!! Don’t overwhelm yourself with school work and stress yourself out. Use lunch and Mincha break to have fun with your friends and make sure to make time to spend with them out of school too. 

  10. Don’t forget how lucky you are. You go to the best school in the world. You are surrounded by amazing role models and friends. You are about to gain an appreciation for Torah, Eretz Yisrael, growth and an incredible connection to Hashem, Mitzvos, and Chesed and more. Take advantage of it all. 


Get ready for the best year of your life!! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!!! 

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